Wildlife on the Mattawa River

A gentle, comforting birdsong greeting you at daybreak against the soothing aural backdrop of waterfalls in the distance… The resonant bass-thump of a grouse perched on a hollow stump, drumming its love-song for prospective mates… The whisper of White Pine needles dancing in the breeze as the brush comes alive with the chatter of wildlife… as your senses adapt to the energy of the Near-North, you may get the feeling that in some way, you’ve come ‘home’. These lands have wonderful stories to tell, and if you listen closely, you can hear Nature’s unmistakable invocation to let it become your muse. If it’s inspiration you seek, you’ll find all you need here in the Near-North.

With 148 acres of private woodlands to wander and explore, you’ll enjoy a variety of opportunities to experience the tranquility of nature at its best. Take a leisurely hike on a marked trail or saddle up for a guided horseback ride. Discover the diverse local bird population with a guided observation tour as you take in the peaceful magnificence of wildlife in all its forms. Don’t forget your camera! There’s so much to see and capture!

Naturally, the Mattawa region is a favorite destination for hunting and fishing expeditions. The Mattawa River is legendary for Muskie, Largemouth Bass, Sturgeon, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and many other species of both bait and pan fish. Hunters have likewise flocked here for decades in hopes of bagging a buck, bear, moose or deer. Mattawa offers every amenity to serve licensed anglers and hunters of all experience levels.

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