First Nations

About First Nations

Mattawa River Resort is honored to be part of a community that includes First Nations peoples, and no stay in Mattawa can be complete without experiencing a taste of the rich history that is so intrinsic to the region. Participate in an evening fireside story-telling session led by both local elders and our own resident native educator. Join us for a spirit-raising drum circle, or one of our many artisan workshops, geared to adults and young ones alike. Build and decorate your own ceremonial pow-wow drum. Try your hand at woodcarving. Create an artistic jewelry piece of your own design, or paint a colorful, dramatic sunset scene using traditional First Nation techniques taught by Aboriginal artists.

Mattawa River Resort is grateful for the opportunity to engage and support local First Nations communities while promoting awareness of the critical role they play in the rich, ongoing history of Canada’s beautiful Near-North. Our Aboriginal activities are supervised and designed by our on-site native educator who comes with a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience in First Nations culture, offering an authentic, respectful viewpoint of aboriginal influence in the region.



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