Mattawa River Resort History

Adrian and I Nicole purchased the resort in April 2017.

Northern Ontario’s Best Kept Secret……My Heaven on earth! 

My son was looking for student housing at Nippissing University and we started looking at real estate…… we found a beautiful Rustic very let go resort instead…. lol.

While touring the property, a beautiful cardinal appeared on the roof of a cabin and i knew my mom was guiding me here. Later CTV called on my birthday the day my mom passed and asked to film “The Cardinal” here…another sign I was on the right track.

A third Cardinal appeared in our lodge the day CTV came to book the resort to film the series “blackfly” which was unmistakable. This Cardinal was in a painting that was covered up for 20 years and for the first time unveiled in its glory. Cardinal Richelieu!!! I knew at that exact moment it was the happening divine intervention we call it guiding me and I was quick to pay attention.

My mom died in 2010 prior to her death she told me she would send me cardinals are her favorite and I was to pay attention!!


My Family loved the area and decided to purchase and move 5 hours North with 4 kids. We left our home and all our comforts behind to experience a new life in Northern Ontario with hope and excitement in our hearts and all the risk associated with this huge endeavor.

“Let the renovations begin” as the resort was in extreme disrepair and neglect. We began our new journey as a family together building our new future. Adrian, my husband, is a successful contractor and I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve always loved and respected Northern Ontario. It feels like home!! I love people here and hosting guests. We both love to cook and mutually love hospitality.

So, this is my story!!!……. I’ve always loved a challenge and believed there is more out there if you just look. We are so grateful to be your host so please give us call and have a tour book a cabin or come dine in our lovely rustic Elegant lodge come see Northern Ontario’s best kept Secret!!!

Nicole Grigorov


Mattawa River Resort